You Will be Spending Time Outdoors, in the Mountains, Near Water

by Vio/Miré

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Jacob Uribe
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Jacob Uribe I found this band through RSD 2015, and I needed to buy this vinyl. This album is hauntingly beautiful. The imagery and word play are excellent. This is an amazing album. Favorite track: Dogs 2.
Laura Jane Brubaker
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Laura Jane Brubaker Vio/Miré has been one of my favorite bands for years, almost entirely by accident. They have yet to make a release that was lacking in some way. Theirs is a hallowed and harrowing sound, gentle and transformative. And it's impossible to complain when new music keeps coming out on my birthday.

I recommend listening through the entire discography.
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    Lovely 180-gram white vinyl in a gatefold package. These songs were all recorded to 1/2" tape, so they sound extra special on wax.

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Recorded at DRABS studio in Pawtucket, RI. Mixed here and there but mostly at Hewnoaks Artist Colony in Lovell, ME.

Thanks Dennis, CR, Liz.


released September 16, 2014

Brendan Glasson sings and plays guitar and reed organ.
Emily Dix Thomas plays cello and sings.
Dave Noyes plays cello and trombone and sings.
J.P.A. Falzone plays synths and Rhodes piano and sings.

Songs by Brendan except "Nutmeg," which is a folk song that James showed us.

David Colannino printed the covers.
Additional engineering by Aleric Nez and Liz Isenberg.




Vio/Miré Providence, Rhode Island

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Track Name: Foxes
a halted herd of horses by a hill I will ascend
if I am to be a beginning must I be an end?
the pleasant call of alcohol, like a siren in the glen
and come nightfall might I stay with you again?
o, with you again!
fennec foxes nestled in a den

a broken band of brothers spurn the land they cannot flee
if I am to escape might I be free?
I'm disinclined to set my mind on that which shall not be
and then our legs entwined, your body next to me
oh, you're next to me
boats pulled on the shore out from the sea

the leeching, lurid language of a note behind a pin
has will gained strength, or is patience wearing thin?
the subtle sounds that grace these grounds, struck dumb by daytime din
are you coming 'round, or are you giving in?
are you giving in?
left to visit places you had been?

fennec foxes nestled in a den
sirens in the glen
labored lovers lingering in bed
hills I will ascend
captive creatures curled up in a pen
must I be an end?
Track Name: Dogs 1
dogs are barking in an alley way
they're fighting over bones
I love the moment till I curse the day
breaking bottles over stones
and I have seen the grass's easy sway
under spruces overgrown
and I have known the near to move away
how the wind was overblown

enormous things that will remain unseen
like mountains under seas
there was no love to buy, but love to glean
like apples under trees
but I, I was not hungry, I was not lean
and I had bedding under me
now engines of a boat sound on a stream,
turning under steam

as if the dog could find a better place to go,
peering though a screen
as if the fabric I destroy I will resew,
I'm cutting though a seam
I have seen the light a forest throws,
scattered through the green
and I have seen a woman set aglow,
breaking through the beam

how the wind was overblown
breaking bottles over stones
I under-knew the over-known
I understood the overtone
how they're fighting over bones
Track Name: Arms
my tired arms are trembling
but I am getting paid
my family shows resemblance,
we show it in the face
you stood a while remembering
the day you went away
you think the frigid air is tempering
cause there's a lifting gray

the family dog is whimpering
cause she is freezing cold
my mother's gaze is lingering
cause she is getting old
your father's farm was wintering
while he was seeking gold
my smoker's chest is billowing
cause I am feeling bold

the minister is rambling
when he should be done
the sprinter, she was ambling,
when she could have won
you're running and you're scrambling
that you might find some
the bears betrayed their handling
when they hurt someone

now your stomach goes on rumbling
but I have had my fill
I don't mean to be unwelcoming,
I mean you're welcome still
I'm shoving and I'm elbowing
to see why killers kill
and if my arms have not been trembling
well, I expect they will
Track Name: Dogs 2
a dog is running with another dog
on a hill above the sea
a boat is anchored by a wooden dock
as a hand above a knee
I'm breaking bottles over heavy rocks,
an urge above a need
a hidden passage to a secret lock,
a note above a key

just below the surface growth emerged
in mud beneath the sand
she was touching me and I was mat at her,
stretched beneath her hand
what is common will become obscure
as a book beneath a ban
I have seen the roots of fallen firs
spread beneath the land

I've seen the weaker being show the greater strength,
as a whaler on a whale
I've seen the shortest message speak impressive length,
as a sign upon a trail
"what lies ahead has already been laid,"
said the train upon the rail
the misdirected route that fortune made,
as a wind upon a sail
Track Name: Battles
in the battle of man against the beast
I was not injured in the least
but o! my comrades were its feast!

and in the battle of man against machine
I escaped unscathed and clean
but o! what a hellish scene!

in the battle of man against the heat
I found myself with food to eat
but kitchens fraught with spoiled meat
and farmland lined with sun-scorched wheat

in the battle of man against the cold
I was able to grow old
but o! you know death is bold!
for though I survived as I have told,
I found myself with none to hold
Track Name: Trains
I was delayed, but oh, I've arrived
the train set fire on the ride
I'm not dead, but oh, I will die,
as rain claims fire by and by
I was betrayed, but oh, I survived
the flame was tired and contrived
I'm not thread, but oh, I will tie
and flame tames water till it's dry
Track Name: Snakes
in your words I felt shelter,
now I am as a snake under a stone
I was a hare amongst bares,
I was a herd-horse on its own,
how would you welcome a visitor into your home?

I tasted her, I felt her
she shaved her head, I was a louse
and if you too were a fig amongst pigs,
if trouble swelled within through growth without,
how would you ask to enter someone's house?

now a grass grows tall unnourished, unlit
or, if I found another way of looking at it -
the old fall, the young falter, the joined split
but those who claim lost love never really found it

now we deal with what I dealt her
with fingers stretched and anger brewing
but if you dragged a mole from its hole,
if it came clear grief was ensuing,
how would you ask someone how he is doing?

sent to hell to stir and swelter,
I returned and sought my love
but if the way were many days,
if present passed as present does,
how would you ask someone how his journey was?
Track Name: Dogs 3
a tired dog was sleeping by my tired feet,
a beast before a man
the branches trembled on the broad-leafed tree,
as strings before a fan
taking sips upon my sidewalk seat,
"to the sea before the land!"
tossing bottles into city streets,
"to the dead before the damned"

I stayed awake all night because I slept all day,
till sometime after three
thinking, where I set my feet I know they will not stay,
as on walkways after sleet
I was put out of my house because I could not pay,
collectors chasing after me
but when something can't be solved it tends to go away,
a cool rain after sleet

a dog was biting on a chicken bone
making noise during the night
an airplane wasn't flying where it should have flown
but there was calm during the fright
there is much that I don't see until I am shown,
until I'm guided during sight
there was much that had been seeded, but little grown
a garden during blight
striking matches during night
a tired dog during a fight
composure during fright
guidance during sight